Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses


Today is my baby’s birthday!!! She would be 6 years old today. It is crazy how quickly 6 years have flown by. I’ve been ruminating on a topic for weeks and wanted to post about it today. So, story time!

“What would you like engraved on your daughter’s urn?”

Several weeks ago, fellow loss mom Lindsey Henke made a post that stated “On Baby Loss Grief: “What would you like engraved on your daughter’s urn?” was a question I was asked that baby books didn’t prepare me to answer”. This post tugged on my heart. It was a question I wasn’t prepared to answer. A question I never thought I’d have to answer. After making the tough decision to cremate my daughter, the funeral home sent over resources and gave options to purchase an urn for her remains. A flood of tears flowed from my eyes. Even though I knew she was to be cremated it never crossed my mind that I would have to pick out an urn. There were so many options. It was so surreal. I was literally searching through pages and pages of urns. What did I want it to say? Did I want an urn with an image engraved? So. Many. Choices. It took me most of the day and a ton of tears, but we decided on a keepsake urn and to look into more options at a later date. We decided on a purple urn with a cute little butterfly. It said her name and “Forever our Angel”.  Somehow along this journey butterflies became a sign between her and me. They became our THING! Whenever I see butterflies, I know she is with me, sending me her love.


Always sending me signs

I’m in Paris on vacation and celebrating her today and of course, wearing butterflies!

She has been sending me butterflies throughout my trip. I had hoped to visit the Eiffel Tower today, but the Eiffel Tower workers went on strike yesterday. Ugh. I was really hoping to see the tower from the second floor, and I am quite disappointed that I won’t be able to. We instead went to visit the Arc de Triomphe and did the self-guided tour. The view of the city was amazing. Collateral Beauty. I’m enjoying exploring the city. Off to find dinner. Forever and always wishing my baby was here. Happy birthday beautiful.

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